LinkedIn Prospecting

done for YOU.

Linked Messaging turns your personal LinkedIn into a lead generating machine that connects you with well-targeted potential clients
through our effective marketing campaigns.


Target Right Prospects

We’ll maximize Linkedin’s database to find leads based on your prospective client profile.

 We created a form that will help us get to know your company and your prospects more so we can give you better targeted campaigns on LinkedIn. We value quality. We take it from the basics of demographics, locations, up to the strong points. It’s not just about finding prospects. We make sure we get the right connections for you.

LinkedIn Messaging

We ensure well-crafted messages following
your personal brand. 

 We have pre-composed messages to be sent to your connections following your own branding and style. In the best way possible, we will provide your connections information about your business and your services. We value possibilities. We know how to play around with words that can get your connections hooked about your business without being aggressive.

 We’ll take care of both your introductory and follow-up messages.

Creating Connection

We take your connections seriously. 

 We don’t just send messages for you. We value relationships. We make sure you turn your connections to clients. Take us as an extended member of your company… We don’t like you losing leads. Leave it to us to filter your cold, warm and hot leads as you focus on closing a sale!




Success Stories

I own a print management and consulting company in the Boston area and have been working with Angel for some time now. Angel and his team continue to exceed my expectations. Their hands-on approach and attention to detail is a rare thing nowadays. Angel goes above & beyond to make sure his clients are completely satisfied. I highly recommend him if you want to gain some traction on LinkedIn, but don’t have the band-with to do it. It’s a great program he’s put together! Above and beyond a great business model, he’s just a great guy to work with!

Brian Maranian
Owner/Partner Signature Printing & Consulting

Angel and his team were great and very dedicated. They helped me attain new clients and business relationships on LinkedIn. They were very committed and consistent. Thanks for the great work, Angel! –

Jeff Badu, Badu Tax Services, LLC

Angel has been wonderful to work with. He has been helping us acquire more LinkedIn connections for Balloonzilla. The support system has been so strong, and implementation was seamless. The results have been outstanding, even more successful than what we were imagining. The investment has long been surpassed by the return. I would recommend Angel for any business that wants to connect, even weirdos like us at Balloonzilla! Highly Recommend!

Marla Borokoff
Chief Visionary Officer at Balloonzilla

Hiring Angel has completely transformed my business and skyrocketed my potential clients. I have made tons of new connections which in turn developed new leads. He has increased my connections by 150%. I would definitely recommend him. He has been very worth it and has great customer service!

Annie Hawkins

Owner at Tulsa Innovative Enterprises LLC/PinPoint Local

I’ve worked with Angel for just over a month now. His services have worked very very well for me and there’s no question if the ROI makes sense. My ROI, just in one month, has been almost 20x. It’s a good service with only a little bit of follow up work on your end–but it is well worth it to say the least. I will be continuing my service without question. Angel’s been professional, does what he says, and has been great to work with. I highly recommend the service if it fits into your business model. It really is a no-brainer.

Nicholas Baud
Owner – Corporate Cateres Denver

Excellent service. From day 1 I got many useful contacts and started having fruitful meetings. I booked some events and many will be repeats. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Tim McDiarmid
Owner at Tim the Girl Catering and Ivy Hall Events

Working with Angel has been very productive to the growth of my network and my business. He is professional and always follows up. 

I highly recommend taking advantage of his marketing system.

Jake Snyder

Angel is very professional and knowledgeable. I love that he helps me grow my business without being pushy and disrespectful. Thank You Angel!!!!

Helen Gain
Business Owner at Aunty Hele’s Kitchen

Angel and his team helped me with a plan to reach more prospects by being able to outsource our entire LinkedIn connections, follow up and messaging. His team even gave me statistics, ability to provide feedback and came up with suggestions to make the process and transition better when the lead was ready for me to contact. Great service, great people.

Bill Mitchell

Angel’s service is truly amazing, I have connected with dozens of wonderful business owners that I would have never met without him. I highly recommend him to any business looking to grow your pipeline & network!

Heather Caterson

Principal, Vive Digital

Angel has done a fantastic job generating leads for me. He took away my headaches concerning weeding through contacts. He was fast and efficient and provided this service at a reasonable cost. The next area in which he excels is that he recognizes the monetary issues a new business must face and works with his customer step by step. He understands that sales is a process and not something that will result in immediate gratification for anyone. He is a very good guy that I consider my partner.

Bonnie Davis

Owner at Pinpoint Local

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