LinkedIn ads are a powerful way to reach new prospects and engage with existing customers. A LinkedIn ad campaign is much more than just creating an eye-catching graphic and adding a few lines of text. Utilizing the right targeting, content, creatives, and calls-to-action will help you generate leads at scale while maximizing your ROI on every click. 

In this post, we’ll cover LinkedIn advertising and how it works, why you should advertise on LinkedIn, the ways in creating a successful ad campaign, examples of successful ads, and resources for finding information about LinkedIn advertising.

What is LinkedIn advertising and how does it work 

LinkedIn advertising is the process of getting your company or product in front of LinkedIn users, through their feeds, and even on people’s homepages. This can be done by creating ads that are targeted to generate traffic from specific demographics like job seekers, alumni/graduates, etc., or it may also include sending sponsored content into a user’s feed so they see more posts about you when browsing around their homepage.

LinkedIn advertising is a way for companies to advertise their products or services on LinkedIn. It allows businesses of all sizes to reach and engage with 1 in 4 professionals around the world, every day. 

It’s also an opportunity for small-to-medium-sized businesses looking at higher engagement rates than other traditional channels such as print ads (0% vs 10%), TV commercials (~1%), or radio spots (2%). Unlike these more expensive forms of media, which are typically reserved only by larger corporations that can afford them, you get your message out there without any limits using this form of digital marketing!

How does LinkedIn advertising work? The basics of the program are that it can be used to create targeted campaigns for buyers and sellers. It is a digital platform that has been cleverly designed so as to bridge both worlds digitally, namely: online sales with offline in-person interactions through your network’s connections. With this hybrid system, you have access not only to potential customers but also to possible future employees!

Why should you advertise on LinkedIn?

Advertising your business on LinkedIn will allow you to tap into their massive user base and grow new connections with targeted campaigns tailored for different demographics. You can advertise in a variety of ways depending upon what type of campaign would be best suited for you: Sponsored Content ads or sponsored InMail messages are two examples available within this platform.

LinkedIn’s audience is a diverse group, comprising both business professionals and other segments of the professional sphere. At any given moment you can find people looking for jobs in your industry or field; potential customers searching for information on products that are relevant to what you offer them now or plan to offer them soon; partners who share similar ideologies with yours but might not be aware yet of how they could work together more closely — the list goes on! If it feels like there’s no way LinkedIn advertising will help reach these groups because an ad targeted at one segment won’t necessarily show up when someone else searches, think about all the different ways marketing strategies have been successful: by casting wide nets we catch fish as well as squid.

How to create a successful ad campaign – best practices, tips, etc.

LinkedIn is an excellent way to market a company and generate leads, but the challenge is crafting the perfect ad. In this blog post, we will explore tips for how to create a successful LinkedIn ad campaign.  The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of audience you want your business profile on LinkedIn to attract. You can use ads with different images or text depending on these goals. Once you have figured out who you are targeting, be sure that your content matches up with their interests so they don’t feel like it’s irrelevant or uninteresting. Remember that not everyone has time to read everything about your product or service in-depth – give them enough information in 140 characters or less so they know what they’re clicking into without feeling overwhelmed. 

Be sure to keep your content relevant. The content in your ads should be relevant to the content that appears in the feeds of those who view it. This means that if you’re running ads about marketing automation software, don’t include pictures of puppies or kittens! Create compelling visuals that will pique interest from potential customers by targeting their job title, industry, and interests with images targeted at them specifically- not just generic stock photos.

Additionally, here are some tips on how you can make your ad campaign successful: 

  1. Set up conversion tracking so you know which of your ads are driving revenue
  2. Create different versions of your ads with different messaging to see what resonates best with readers
  3. Use images in your ad copy because they increase engagement by 80%+

Resources for finding more information about advertising on LinkedIn (blogs, articles)

LinkedIn is a social media network that connects professionals and businesses. LinkedIn ads allow you to target the right people with your message, which can lead to increased sales revenue or new customers for your company. 

To help you get started, here are some resources for finding more information about advertising on LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  2. Neil Patel’s Blog: The Guide To LinkedIn Ads
  3. Hootsuite Blog: The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2021

Final thoughts

One of the best ways to find out how people found your company is by placing an ad. By using LinkedIn’s advertisement platform, it can be easier than ever before with their new updates and tools that allow advertisers to track click-through rates in real-time! It has never been clearer as a small business owner or an entrepreneur just what benefits come from spending money on start-up costs like this – not only will you reach another potential customer but also strengthen relationships among current clients who may have shared these ads themselves. Advertisements don’t need to be expensive either; there are many different formats available depending on where one needs them most on mobile devices or desktops.

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