Printing companies, especially small to medium-sized businesses, are often faced with a challenge. They need to not only find new clients and grow their customer base, but they also need to compete with larger printing companies that have the budget for marketing campaigns and advertising. 

How can these smaller printing companies create an effective marketing plan? One of the best ways is by using LinkedIn Messaging, Inmail, and cold email outreach. 

Learn how in this blog post!

What are LinkedIn Messaging, Inmail, and cold email?

LinkedIn Messaging is a part of the LinkedIn platform that allows users to send messages directly to other LinkedIn members. It’s an informal way for professionals to communicate with one another, share ideas and keep up-to-date on what’s going on in their industry. If you’re interested in using this tool, it will be important to understand how it works and how best to utilize its benefits. We’ll discuss these points below as well as some tips for getting started when using this new feature. 

LinkedIn Inmail is a powerful tool that connects your business to qualified leads. LinkedIn’s Inmail service lets you send messages and emails directly to people who are not yet connected with you on LinkedIn. You can use this feature for lead generation, customer acquisition, or sales prospecting. 

LinkedIn cold emails are when you send an email to someone who doesn’t know you or has never heard of your company. Cold emails can be a great way for business owners and marketers alike to reach out to prospects that could be interested in their product or service. LinkedIn is the perfect place for this because it’s one of the most popular social networks and members have profiles that list their job title, industry, educational background, and more information about themselves. This means that if you’re looking for a marketing agency, sales professional, or printer – all you have to do is find them on LinkedIn and send them a message! 

Why should a printing business use these tools?

With the ever-changing marketing landscape, it is difficult to know which tools are most effective in connecting with potential clients. A printing business should use LinkedIn Messaging, Inmail, and cold email to grow their customer base. These methods allow a company to have more control over who they connect with and provide a higher rate of success than other traditional advertising methods such as TV or radio ads.

LinkedIn Messaging, Inmail, and cold email are three marketing tactics that a printing business should employ to generate leads. These tools will help you find prospects with specific interests and needs who are searching for solutions from your industry. 

LinkedIn messaging lets you connect with people who have shared their work history on the site or those in your company’s network. Inmail is similar to an email newsletter sent directly to someone based on their profile information and past activity on LinkedIn. Cold emails allow marketers to reach out with messages about products or services without being contacted first by the recipient.

How to use LinkedIn Messaging for marketing a printing business

Each time that you receive an inquiry from a potential customer or client, the first step is to reach out and connect with them using LinkedIn Messaging. This will allow for a more personal relationship between yourself and the other person. You can continue this interaction by asking questions about their business in order to better understand what they are looking for as well as sharing information about your products or services. By doing so, you will be able to provide them with relevant content which will lead them through the sales process seamlessly! 

How to use LinkedIn Inmail for marketing a printing business

The most popular way to use LinkedIn Inmail is to send messages directly to potential customers who have never engaged in contact with your business before. 

Here are some tips that will help make your messages more effective: 

1) Make sure the content of your message is tailored for the individual, not a generic message. 

2) Include links to helpful resources or information on your website. This will give them access to valuable information without having to search for it themselves, which may take the time they don’t have.  

3) Don’t ask them questions like “Did you know?” If they didn’t know, then why would they need what you’re offering?

How to use LinkedIn cold email for marketing a printing business

LinkedIn is a great resource for finding new prospects and establishing relationships. But, how do you use LinkedIn cold email for marketing your printing business? 

First, you want to find people who are in the industry and connect with them on LinkedIn. 

Next, add value by sending them articles about their industry or products that you offer. 

Finally, ask if they would like more information about your company or product line. 

With these three steps completed, you will be able to cultivate a relationship with someone in the printing industry through LinkedIn!

Tips on using LinkedIn Messaging, Inmail, and cold email effectively and efficiently 

LinkedIn’s Messaging, Inmail, and cold email tools are one of the best ways to reach out to potential business connections. With a little know-how, you can use them more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

We’ll go over how to use these methods effectively. 

LinkedIn messaging is a great way to stay in contact with people who are connected on LinkedIn without being too intrusive. Make sure you’re not using it as just another form of social media! It should be used for business purposes only because any other type of message can be seen as spam by recipients and even get your account suspended. You can also send an invitation message after connecting with someone if they don’t accept your connection request right away. 

LinkedIn Inmail is a powerful tool for business owners and marketers. However, it can be tricky to use effectively. The following are some tips on how to use LinkedIn Inmail efficiently: 

  1. Understand the difference between an “inactive” and “active” connection before sending a message. 
  2. Make sure you have enough connections in your network before messaging someone so that they will know who you are when opening the email since this may not be obvious otherwise. 
  3. Avoid being overly promotional with your messages or else people might get annoyed by spamming them from various sales professionals or businesses. Keep messages informative instead of pitching products all the time!

Cold emails are a great way to reach out to potential clients. It is important to use them effectively and efficiently in order to get the most out of your interactions. Here’s how you can do just that:

  1. Be concise and personalize your message. 
  2. Keep it short, but include some details about yourself and what you offer (what sets you apart).
  3. Include links or attachments if appropriate for more information. Don’t send large files though!


With so many marketing options available to companies these days, it can be difficult to know which are most effective in connecting with potential customers. 

Luckily for printing businesses like yours, there are three tried and true methods that work well if you use them effectively – LinkedIn Messaging, Inmail, and cold email. You might not have used all of these before or even heard of some of them but they’re worth a shot! 

This blog post lays out how to make the best possible use out of each one as well as what your goals should be when using them. If any questions come up while reading this article please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email at any time. We’re happy to help get you started!

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