Is there any good in using LinkedIn for Printing Companies?

Not a lot of printing companies have ventured into using LinkedIn for client prospecting but believe it or not, LinkedIn is the internet’s hidden goldmine for printers for a number of reasons.

Let me tell you why.

Local business owners are easily accessible. By using LinkedIn’s unique platform, you open doors to boundless opportunities, apart from connecting to professionals, keeping yourself abreast on the latest happenings in your field of interest, and most importantly, getting a chance to connect to local business owners and company decision-makers.

Linked Messaging does the lead generation job for you, sweet and smooth. We get in touch with key businesses through warm and customized messaging (not a pro forma one, because we know they hate it!) to establish rapport and engage them in conversation.

We transform your personal LinkedIn profiles into a client-generating machine that links you to well-targeted potential clients with a non-automated approach, making your message sound like how you normally do it with your client in person: friendly and approachable.

Not many printers are running marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. If you are a printing company trying to get more clients here and there, a new lead gen strategy helps a lot in making sure your business sales are up and running.

Whether or not you are attracting new customers, just simply promoting your brand and related campaigns, LinkedIn has been a powerful yet, an unpopular tool for many marketing and lead generation professionals.

Take this LinkedIn platform now to your advantage as other printing companies are still in their traditional client-sourcing strategies and may have not yet seen this option working for them.

Another scenario could be, your competitors are already using this, while you are still exploring up to now. Well, it’s never too late for you to catch-up!

Decision-makers belonging to C-level, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Vice President for Marketing, CEOs, company owners, and big bosses are already on LinkedIn waiting for a sound pitch — which we make sure we are capable of to help you, as good pitch always starts with a well-composed introduction. With Linked Messaging, we’ll help you make that first move, an awesome one!

You can connect with local businesses (and their decision-makers) to see future content. By looking into their past and present posts, as well as their engagements (comments, etc.) on LinkedIn, we can already make an assessment if a particular company needs your products and services.

B2B companies capitalize on establishing good relationships with companies that can be their potential clients. Linked Messaging assures that the leads we provide you are high-potential in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), with requirements that match the products and/or services your business offers.

For sure, business owners and company decision-makers receive a lot of messages on their accounts and may not have time to browse them all in one sitting most especially if your message unintentionally appears malicious like spam.

If you have established your connection, through an “invitation to connect” for personal accounts, for instance, you are one step away from your messages to be read with just a few clicks, as compared to sending a cold, unsolicited one that needs one or more follow-up messages after. Chances are your messages will just add to the unread ones, or worst, be ignored at all.

Say, for example, a company’s business is creating gifts and souvenir items for its employees or consumers. Our team uses a tailored-fit introductory message to match the prospective client’s interest, and in the process, catch their attention.

Predictable Lead engagement. As experts in LinkedIn prospecting, our team has an established flow of reaching out to your potential clients. Our lead-warming strategy has been effective in catching more clients, looping them through asking questions, and sharing social media platforms they can check to serve as a reference on your products and services.

We know business owners don’t have the luxury of time to go over long documents. We customized your messages to make it appear like an elevator pitch done through your personal LinkedIn accounts. Engagement is the key to better results. By keeping your potential clients excited about what you can offer them, you are already one step away from engaging them in business.

According to LinkedIn, 65% of B2B were successful in Lead Generation using their platform. We want your business to be successful too, and it all begins with finding better leads.

Start your LinkedIn Lead Generation with us today, and we’ll keep your sales pipeline full with fresh prospects. See how we can create an impact on your lead gen efforts through our case study.

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