Have you been sending invitations via LinkedIn lately?

If so, then, you should have come across this new LinkedIn notification, that goes like this,

“You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit

Connections benefit you more when you know them personally, so we have weekly limits to encourage better networks.

For people you don’t know, you can follow them to see their posts or send an InMail instead.

If you’d still like to send an invitation, please try again next week.”

The notification clearly says it all. LinkedIn wants better networks for its users.

LinkedIn’s New Outreach Rules

Gone are the days when we all had the unlimited capacity to send invitations to prospect clients and make connections in the process.

LinkedIn has implemented a new rule that can make or break your campaign strategies. If you are sending out, say, 500 invitations. Now, given the restriction, you can only send out 100 per week – that’s a cut of 80% on your weekly targets which will surely impact your lead generation strategies.

Before this change, the limit of sending invites depends on the algorithm which detects acceptance rate together with random activity measures.

LinkedIn members need not worry about this change because this is neither a restriction nor a warning that may cause user accounts to be banned.

The Good

What’s good about this on the side of the users is that LinkedIn is very particular about maintaining their platform as a safe place for professionals, and with that, their battle to remove abusive users is always up, and it starts here.

It is fine if you have reached the weekly limit. It will automatically reset and allow you to send another 100 invitations again the following week so, no worries. Remember that this applies to both paid and free subscriptions.

This, really, will create an impact on the way leads are being generated. But like any change, we see a good light in here — there are benefits for its users, and for lead gen companies that we will unfold together.

With this recent adjustment, LinkedIn assures its members with an optimal site experience by limiting their network size to not more than 30,000 1st-degree connections. This calls for LinkedIn members to keep only quality connections in their respective networks. While some may find it limiting on their end, it gives users the chance to go over the invitations, and maximize the allowable connections.

LinkedIn’s Guidelines

While sending invitations is now limited, LinkedIn advises its users to accept invites from people they know and trust. Check out LinkedIn’s User Agreement and Professional Community Policies for more information.

How We’re Handling It

What will this change bring to us?

Fret not, because Linked Messaging is always one step ahead.

Linked Messaging sees this change as a benefit rather than a threat. Our team is equipped with the right experience and a fireproof strategy to stand with the current move, and this even makes our lead generation efforts even more visible.

We make our outreach as humanized as possible. Our operations are not affected because our outreach doesn’t appear like spam. This change hinders sending irrelevant messages, some come with bots on LinkedIn like how it was before.

We believe that less noise means more leads. Supposed that you are in a room full of people talking and trying to pitch at the same time to their targeted audience. Will your prospect be able to absorb everything? When they hear, it doesn’t mean they absorb everything. When they listen, they get the right message.

The same goes with LinkedIn. When a lot of marketing and sales campaigns get into a businessman’s LinkedIn account, do you think your campaign will be prioritized? I bet not.

We value every interaction, and we believe this is crucial. With this limited power to send invitations, LinkedIn slowly removes unwanted invites and messages from accounts that are deemed irrelevant for the users. We take client interaction seriously, as it means business to us. Providing high-quality outreach builds rapport. Good rapport establishes trust.

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