We’re pretty much expecting this change to happen, and after a round of updates LinkedIn made in their platform, a new adjustment has been applied.

A lot of our clients are receiving more and more unsolicited invites, and messages from random LinkedIn users or people far from their networks,

“I have been receiving spam messages.”

“I have a lot of invitations, what’s happening? ”

“A lot of individuals I don’t know are offering something I am not interested with”

These have been staple complaints from LinkedIn users getting sick and tired of the mess. Such issues are now recognized.

LinkedIn’s Limits Have Been Pushed

LinkedIn is originally created to be an online platform where professionals can broaden their networks, but nowadays, it appears to have served more than its purpose, which is a good thing, apart from it becoming an avenue for pushy sales and marketing campaigns that are not really relevant to some users.

Thus, LinkedIn took action.

While sending out messages for prospect clients, you might have come across error messages like,

“You’re out of invitations for now.” or

“You’ve reached a weekly invitation limit.”

If you are thinking this could be another Linked Helper Issue, then, we’ll tell you now, it is not.

The same intervention had been carried out before with email messaging. Initially, it was meant and designed as an alternative to snail mail, linking people electronically, reducing the hassle of sending messages while staying in the comfort of your homes. Nowadays, it has also been conveniently used commercially to promote products and even services.

3 Ways to Get Temporarily Suspended

LinkedIn Accounts may temporarily be suspended from sending an invitation to connect with people for any of the following reasons:

(1) Most of your invitations sent have been ignored, left pending; or tagged as spam by your recipients;

(2) You’ve sent many invitations in a short period of time (which may appear like spam for LinkedIn users), and/or;

(3) Your account is over the 100 invites limit per week.

What We’re Doing About It

You might be thinking now how companies like ours, Linked Messaging – one whose operations are reliant on LinkedIn, position themselves given the limitations at hand.


Our team is continuously redefining strategies, and exploring all possible measures for our clients and partners who are continuously believing in the work that we do, and the results we deliver them.

We take serious but cool measures to cope with the change and guarantee that these limitations are not stopping us to continuously strive for excellence in the Lead Generation services we offer.

We maintain open communication with our clients, and we guarantee to address concerns affecting them in one way or another.

While a lot of Lead Gen Professionals are still into the ‘spray and pray type of strategy, we have realized that such is not the sustainable solution, and probably the reason why these limitations are being imposed on us, right here, right now.

Change is inevitable, and so is our growth.

Moving Forward

For us, limits are mere boundaries, but not the end of the road. These changes call for innovation on how we warm leads and make our first move more personal – something ‘copy and paste’ messages sent through InMail are missing.

Targets are highly affected by these recent improvements especially for those that send out thousands of requests monthly.

Linked Messaging provides relevant leads for your company at your fingertips. We believe that it is not always about the quantity but also, the quality of the leads we provide every client that matters.

What’s unique about our strategy is that we use a humanized approach to finding the perfect clients for you.

We take care of the messaging from introductory notes, to the follow-ups. This allows you to focus more on the operations side of your business, and we’ll do the lead generation job for you.

Our partners always go back to us bringing affirmative feedback on the leads we provide, that have converted into sales, and more importantly, revenue.

Book a call here, and say ‘Hello’ to potential leads turned profits.

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