Still remember when, where, or how you got your last client?
Or are you looking to get a better reach?

Your company must be getting referrals from your previous clients, a direct mail recipient, a contact you got from an exposition, from the ads you recently ran, or an inquiring client over the phone. Gone are the days when companies opened snail mail envelopes, as everyone started shifting to digital forms such as e-mail, e-messaging via social media, among many others.

As a printing company, you must target company decision-makers, perhaps the company owner or a procurement or purchasing manager. You should consider the business field the company is in and the proximity of its operations to yours.

All these are possible to be searched all at once via LinkedIn. This new strategy bridges the gap between businesses, allowing decision-makers to talk to their potential vendors and clients most affordably and simply possible.

Whether or not you got your last client from the sources mentioned, in what other ways can you reach out to businesses you can cater for in the future?

Apart from LinkedIn being a job-hunting application for many, only a hand few from the printing industries have maximized the use of such to boost their campaign and yield higher revenue in the long run.

Linked Messaging turns your personal LinkedIn account into something equally beneficial to your business apart from job hunting or reading articles. Maximize your LinkedIn as a lead generating machine linking you, your business, to your potential clients with printing needs — all these will be made possible by Linked Messaging’s effective Marketing Campaign.

Our team has been working for several organizations and has impacted their businesses through LinkedIn and its features. You can check out more of the difference we can make to your business through this case study.

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