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What Is Linkedin Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn officially launched its Sales Navigator Tool in July of 2014 with the goal of assisting sales and lead client-sourcing professionals in becoming more effective and efficient in their jobs. Since its establishment, it has empowered hundreds and thousands of its users by being an important resource sales teams rely on most especially in maximizing individual and team productivity, building lasting relationships with key accounts, and forge long-term Business-to-Business (B2B) partnerships in the process.

Sales and client-sourcing professionals use different tools, both manual and digital to go about their own system of looking for customers, reaching out, and keeping on track with referrals, customers, and prospects.

Client Sourcing at Your Fingertips

We know it’s usual to use laptops and desktops as you search for key individuals to target on LinkedIn. But nowadays, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has made itself handy for most of its users, both individual and enterprise.

Now, through this feature, you can monitor and track the status of your emails, send follow-ups and replies in realtime through your mobile. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to connect with your prospects, and make use of your available time away from your home, easier and hassle-free.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is now available on your mobile phones, both Android and IOS devices. Feel free to explore and download the application on your Google Play and App Store, as may be applicable to you.

Sharing Videos, PDFs and Other Content Made Easy

In July 2016, LinkedIn acquired PointDrive making it the best LinkedIn for sales and client-sourcing professionals. It opens opportunities to craft customized content allowing improved engagement between the salesperson and their target audiences — buyers.

PointDrive makes it possible for its users to create the most relevant, and easy to access materials that are easily accessible to prospective clients whether via mobile, desktop, or smart tablets. This special feature also builds the credibility of your brand by providing content that adheres to your branding and marketing requirements which makes your pitch more “premium” than any other company. What’s exciting here is that the content you made looks good on almost any device, so you don’t have to worry much about the compatibility of your presentation, and your clients can open your emails on the go.

A food for thought here is “to humanize” every content you create, and emphasize on the relevance of your proposal to your client. One can never be wrong with a friendly look and feel as it is always what any industry is “trying to-be” nowadays.

Track Engagement and Intent

Measuring a client’s intent has never been easier with LinkedIn. In the duration of the dealing process, PointDrive assists its users in tracking client engagements and allows you to know what clients pay most of their attention to.

As a sales professional, it is important that you know these key details in order to craft the most marketable presentation, and pitch that turns into profit. By making sure you are equipped with these accurate and on-demand data and insights, you are one step away from reaching your targets as client-facing professionals.

With Sales Navigator, sales teams can make an impact on individual and team engagements throughout the customer experience with PointDrive’s added functionality.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you “target the right clients, understand key insights and make your outreach personalized”.

Get Started With LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Whether you are a beginner or pro in lead generation through LinkedIn, it is important to know how to manipulate your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account to maximize its features, increase productivity at work, and reach long and short-term targets. Make every client say “YES!” to your proposal, and make the most out of LinkedIn’s network of professionals especially those who are within your reach.

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