Printing companies are always on the lookout for new ways to grow their business. They’re looking at every avenue, from social media marketing to Google AdWords and SEO. And with LinkedIn’s recent announcement of Campaign Manager, now they can reach potential customers in a whole new way.

Suddenly, LinkedIn is more than just an HR tool or a place where you look up your old college roommate – it’s also a marketing platform that will help print shops find clients who need printing services!

To see how this all works and learn what you’ll need to do to set up your own campaign manager account, keep reading!

What is LinkedIn’s Latest Update

LinkedIn has just released its newest product — LinkedIn Campaign Manager! This feature allows businesses to better target potential customers by sending them specific ads based on desired demographics such as location, age range, gender identity, and interests. It makes it easier for companies to create targeted, personalized messages without having to constantly monitor every post from their account managers with a lot of time or expense. 

On the other hand, no longer will users have all posts shoved in front of them; instead they can make decisions about who gets each message based on what they are interested in at any given moment!

Why do printing companies need to use LinkedIn Campaign Manager

3e printingPrinting companies need to use LinkedIn Campaign Manager for two reasons. 

First, because it’s an easy way to grow their business with targeted marketing campaigns. LinkedIn has created a nifty, user-friendly software package that makes it easier for printing companies to reach out more effectively by generating tailored marketing campaigns through targeting specific people based on their location or job title. In contrast to having several different profiles scattered across various platforms like Facebook and Twitter, this eliminates all the hassle without sacrificing any potential customer base whatsoever!

Second, and more importantly, it will help them find new customers who they might have never reached before! 

No business can really survive for long without a steady stream of new customers. Printing companies are no exception! LinkedIn Campaign Manager makes it easier to find those potential customers and entice them in with an offer they’ll love. LinkedIn Campaign Manager will help printing company owners reach more people who might’ve never found out about their printing services before – which is key if you want your company to stay afloat for much longer than just one day (or even a week!)

How does it work

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager is the platform that empowers advertisers to create and launch a LinkedIn campaign in 23 languages, reaching 659 million members worldwide. The tool helps campaigns reach their desired goals with its self-service design for ads of all sizes, budgets, and target audiences.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager is here to help you generate more leads! The campaign creation process includes six basic steps:

1) Name your new campaign and assign it a marketing objective; 

2) Select an ad format based on the type of business, budget, or audience size; 

3) Set up target audiences for campaigns that will reach people who are most likely interested in buying from them. You can also set up custom audiences like customers or former website visitors; 

4) Determine how much money (budget), and time-frame (schedule); 

5) Draft your creative with images/video etc.; and 

6) Launch this awesome opportunity for success!

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using LinkedIn Campaign Manager?

LinkedIn Campaign Manager allows you to create, deploy, and optimize campaigns in order to reach the right audience.  With this tool, you are able to target specific demographics such as job title or company size with specific ads on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. You can also choose from different campaign types such as Lead Generation Ads (promoting products) or Social Media Ads (advertising services).

The drawback of this tool though is that you could use some work to make it more user-friendly. In contrast with the FB AdManager and Google’s interface, which are both very simple when editing campaigns, ad groups, keywords, etc., you’ll find that LinkedIn actively works against your ability to change anything about a campaign – not in an easy or intuitive manner at all!

Moreover, you can’t get to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager without going through two or three different screens. There are many tabs and menus that need to be navigated through for you to get there.

The best way for a printing company to use this tool

The best way for a printing company to use LinkedIn campaign manager is by creating an account and starting a campaign. There are many ways that you can promote your business, but the best way to do so is through social media. It’s important not only to have an active profile on LinkedIn but also to advertise your company in order to grow and succeed.


How can you get started with this tool today?

To advertise on LinkedIn, you’ll need an ad account that will allow your campaign manager to create advertising campaigns, view performance reports as well as manage assets such as Matched Audiences or conversion tracking. You may also be able to bill separately depending on what size of the company you’re running ads for and how much money it’s costing them each month.

As soon as you create an ad account, you will automatically be granted access to the Account Manager and Billing Admin so that you can make all the changes necessary without any delays. With a click of your mouse or tap on your touch screen mobile device, anyone with appropriate permissions in the ad account is able to change pricing tiers or edit keywords from anywhere they are connected online!

To create an account: 

(1) Sign in to your personal account; 

(2) Click on “Work” at the top of your homepage and select Advertise from that menu;

(3) Enter a name for this new account in the box provided and choose what currency you would like to use or if you are unsure just click continue with billing set as USD$ but keep checking back because some countries have different currencies available to them; 

(4) Finally, hit the “Create Account” button. Now it’s time to enter how many posts per month you want your ad campaign running!

If you’re looking to sell your products globally, it’s important that the LinkedIn ad account is set up in the correct currency. If for any reason a different billing arrangement needs to be made after creating an account, then setting up a new one will need to happen instead of being able to change currencies later on.

A LinkedIn Page is not required to create a new ads account. However, in order for you to use the Sponsored Content and Dynamic ad formats, as well as Lead Gen Forms with your campaign it’s best if there’s an associated page on this network.

You’ll never be able to delete an account once it’s been created, but if you need your information removed from the ad account, then contact their support team.

In conclusion

The LinkedIn Campaign Manager is a new tool released by the social media giant that has some excellent benefits for printing companies. Its self-service design makes it accessible to different budgets and target audiences, making it an easy way of connecting with potential clients. In order to use this tool most effectively, start by creating an account and starting your campaign today!

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